10 Essential Tips for Older Adults

older adults traveling abroad with hearing aids

At MacDonald Audiology, we want to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable trip, no matter where you’re headed. In this article, we are sharing our favorite essential tips for adults traveling with hearing aids this summer:

Pack Extra Hearing Aid Batteries and Supplies 

    • Always bring extra batteries and a cleaning kit (domes and wax guards). Unexpected delays can happen, as well as ‘Murphy’s Law’ – so it’s best to be prepared!
    • If you have rechargeable devices remember to bring your charger as well as any needed power adapters.
    • Don’t forget your cell phone charger.

    Carry a Backup Pair of Hearing Aids

      • If possible, bring a spare set of hearing aids to ensure you’re never without them in case of loss or malfunction.
      • Bring your extra set to our office so that we can program them with your current settings (as much as possible) before you leave.  If rechargeable then charge them up before you leave so they are ready to be worn at a moment’s notice.

      Store Devices Safely During Security Checks 

        • If you remove your hearing aids be sure to place them in a hard-shell case to protect them from damage during security checks. 
        • If you are over 70, take advantage of the TSA PreCheck to save time.

        Download Essential Smartphone Apps 

          • Many hearing aids have smartphone apps that can help you adjust settings on the go. Make sure you have them installed and updated before your trip.
          • Install the app for your airline so that you may receive changes in gates, flight information and any delays.

          Keep Important Hearing Contacts Handy 

            • Have your audiologist’s contact information and the local hearing aid service centers at your destination saved in your phone.
            • Enter your travel agent’s phone number into your smartphone before you leave, in case you need additional help.

            Protect Against Flight Noise 

              • Remember that your hearing aids can be turned down, or even muted, with the buttons and/or the hearing aid App.

              Prepare for Stuffy Ears  

                • Ears get stuffed up on take off and landing with the change in air pressure. Pack your favorite mints or gum to open up those Eustacian tubes.  This also helps to prevent additional temporary hearing loss during the flight.

                Learn Key Phrases 

                  • If traveling internationally, learn a few key phrases in the local language related to hearing assistance. In a pinch, try using Google Translate on your smartphone.

                  Plan for Hearing Accessibility 

                    • Check your accommodation and transportation for hearing accessibility options like visual alarms and hearing loops.

                    Stay Connected to Your Partners

                    • Inform travel companions about your hearing needs so they can help you stay aware of important announcements and changes.
                    • Set up your phone to receive updates on flights and share flight schedules with friends.

                    Safe travels, and happy hearing! 

                    For more personalized advice, visit Drs. MacDonald or Stephany before your next trip. We’re here to ensure your hearing health is in top shape, no matter where your adventures take you.