Referral Tools Help Loved Ones

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Sometimes a family needs tools to help their loved one find help for hearing loss.

Open Up Communication Lines

Talk with your loved one about their hearing loss.

Share your concerns in a polite and decent way without judging or demanding. If your loved one is not ready for hearing aids they may feel cornered or defensive. Try to be compassionate as they go through the process of realization and acceptance.

Be Supportive

Support the decision to make a hearing test appointment.

Hearing is simply another aspect of health that should be evaluated and screened on a regular basis.

Schedule a Consultation

Give us a call for your loved one.

It is easy to become overwhelmed at the beginning, and many benefit from an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about their hearing status. Most people appreciate your concern and will come in to talk to us and get a hearing test to determine if they can be helped by a hearing aid.

Make It Easier With Referral Tools

We’ve developed tools for you.

You may print the images below or download the PDF to share as a conversation starter.

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