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VAE system

Only at MacDonald Audiology.

Hearing precisely just became easier.

In Rochester, we now have the first and only comprehensive Virtual Acoustic Environment™ (VAE) sound suite, allowing patients to experience real-world situations with even greater accuracy. This enables us to optimize your hearing aid settings by fully testing and quantifying the level of your hearing improvement.

In 2016, Northwestern University launched the only audiology practice in the country to offer this service. We are proud to offer our patients this unique way to fine-tune medical hearing devices in specific environments.

Designed and created by Dr. MacDonald, this innovative system immediately shows how your current instrument is functioning and allows for improved real-time adjustment and retesting during a fitting appointment.

We are delighted to offer this highly unique and incredibly useful application, which allows our patients to clearly understand their own hearing abilities. 
Matthew MacDonald, AuD

Dr. Matthew MacDonald created this brand new protocol and tool development for sound-simulation for his patients. Development took over a year to complete and test. Any MacDonald Audiology patient wearing a medical hearing device fitted by us has access to this process during a fitting appointment.

Our practice is the ONLY practice that offers this advanced level service in the Rochester-Buffalo-Syracuse region.

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