When you visit MacDonald Audiology for the first time to obtain a hearing test in Rochester, NY, we will gather some information from you on various areas.

There is nothing painful or intrusive for anyone seeing us.

The first is your medical history, especially any current medical problems with your ears or balance. There are many pathologies of the ear, auditory, and balance systems that could be symptomatic and cause changes to your ability to hear clearly.

These issues can be cancers of the ear (squamous cell or basal cell carcinoma / malignant melanoma), acoustic neuroma / vestibular schwannoma, osteoma, external otitis, otitis media, fungal infection, glomus tumor, cholesteatoma. We need to know if you have ever experienced a temporal bone fracture or eardrum perforation, mastoiditis, otosclerosis, ossicular discontinuity, patulous Eustachian tube, or a perilymphatic fistula.

Have you taken ototoxic medications (platinum chemotherapeutic medications)?

It is also essential to know if you have any noise-induced hearing loss, tinnitus, Meniere’s disease, or viral inner-ear infections.

Audiologist seeing patient
We will need to understand how your current hearing affects your ability to communicate.

Do you have multiple sclerosis, auto-immune inner-ear disease such as Cogan’s Syndrome? Or have you had a temporal stroke, reduced vascular functionality caused by vertebral-artery stroke, or diabetes-related microvascular damage?

Next, we will need information about your overall health, beginning with a review of your current medications. Having a history of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pacemaker and defibrillator placement, or a family history of hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness, allergies are all essential conditions you should share with your Audiologist. It is also helpful for us to know the history of your symptoms.

Next, we will need to understand how your current hearing affects your ability to communicate. For example, are you having difficulty in all situations or just a few? One-to-one conversations, with women’s or children’s voices, when the speaker’s face is hidden, noisy environments like restaurants or dining halls, hearing conversation over the television or telephone, in the car, or groups may all be affected by your current situation.

Your lifestyle is important to us. For example, in what situations are you having the most hearing difficulty, how frequently are you in group interactions? Further, which listening situations are the most important to you? 

Lastly, we need to know if you have vision problems, dexterity problems, peripheral neuropathy, neurological disorders, or memory problems. This information will help your Audiologist determine what hearing aid options are best suited for long-term satisfaction in your case.

When you select the team at MacDonald Audiology, our goal is to ascertain all of your current health and lifestyle needs and develop a plan with options for you that includes hearing aid selection, instruction on how best to wear your hearing aids and follow up adjustments if needed. 

Our goal is to have pleased patients that can continue living life as fully as possible, enjoying visiting with grandchildren, continuing to work out, and participating in church functions and social gatherings.

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