Hearing Aids & Accessories

At MacDonald Audiology, we offer the best hearing aids brands and hearing instruments from Phonak and Oticon.

Advanced Hearing Aids

As technology continually improves, we can offer the most beneficial and advanced hearing aid options available in Rochester today. We only fit hearing aid brands that we feel give the wearer the best advantage, the most fitting options and the highest quality and value.

  • Best Bluetooth hearing aid connectivity
  • Ease of use with smartphone options for texting, calls, & Siri
  • Hearing aids with noise cancellation
  • Listen to your music through the best wireless headphones possible – your hearing instruments!
  • Connect directly to your tv for personalized volume control
  • Automatic phone conversations via your smartphone

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Hearing aid brands we recommend and fit regularly

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Custom Hearing Protection

We provide advanced hearing protection for work, musicians, sporting events and shooting sports.

These tiny and comfortable options are used to block harmful noise levels, while allowing normal conversation for maximum enjoyment and safety.

Comfortable and highly effective options for hearing protection can be yours. Call us today to order place your order.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Alongside actual hearing instruments that work to correct hearing loss, we offer our patients additional amplification options for specific situations such as in church, movies, or classrooms.

Talk with Dr. MacDonald or Dr. Stephany about what the differences are, and if you are a good candidate for your type of hearing loss.

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