Hearing Aid Brands

At MacDonald Audiology, we fit and service the most technically advanced hearing aid brands for our patients, as a part of our Best Practice quality.

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Advanced Hearing Aids for Rochester, NY.
Our selection and recommendations for Phonak and Oticon hearing aids and accessories provide exceptional amplification customization, comfort and personalization options.

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Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak hearing solutions offer options for highly directional hearing precision, improved speech recognition, and ion-lithium rechargeability.

  • Audeo Lumity
  • Audeo Fit
  • Audeo Sky (14 colors)
  • CROS Paradise
  • Virto Paradise (40 colors)
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Oticon Hearing Aids

Designed for mild-to-severe hearing loss, the Oticon line offers easy recharging, Bluetooth connectivity, powerful sound control, beautiful colors, discreet sizes, and several styles to find the right match for your specific hearing needs.

  • Oticon Real
  • Oticon Own
  • Oticon More
  • Oticon Xceed
  • Oticon Zircon
  • Oticon CROS – single ear loss

The NeoSensory wristband – The cutting-edge technology to support tinnitus sufferers.

This system is used for 2-3 months, so it is a rental unit.
You may purchase your own wristband, but this tech is not yet covered by insurance.

Read more about how this retrains your brain.

Gold-Standard Hearing Care from MacDonald Audiology

With two offices in Rochester to serve you, our highly-accredited doctors of audiology offer gold-standard options for your customized hearing plan using today’s advanced technology. Contact us today for the next available appointment.