Frequently Asked Questions

There are typically some questions that our patients have prior to their first appointment around what to expect.

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What You Need to Know About Your Appointment

One of our administrative assistants will obtain information from you when you call to schedule an appointment.

They will collect your health insurance information to determine your copayment for the hearing evaluation, and any hearing-instrument benefit you may have. They will call your insurance carrier to determine your benefits for audiology services to ensure that you receive all of your benefits for your visit.

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What to Bring


A list of your medications


Your medical history

Your hearing instruments

Why MacDonald Audiology?

We provide premier, technologically forward Audiology healthcare for the discerning individual and their family. When purchasing hearing instruments from us, you are benefitting from our knowledge, expertise and decades of experience. In the interest of public protection, the New York State Licensure Board recommends audiologists as the most appropriate hearing healthcare professional.

Is There Financing Available?

We are now able to offer our patients financing for your new hearing instruments. If it’s time or past time to replace your old hearing aids, you can take advantage of spreading out payments at a reasonable rate. Ask how you can start this process at your next appointment

Why Do I Have Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss affects nearly everyone at some point in their life. The causes of hearing loss are many but  commonly include:

  • age-related changes to inner-ear function
  • damage from exposure to loud sounds
  • damage from certain medications
  • diseases of the middle ear
  • viral/bacterial infections
  • autoimmune disorders
  • insults to the auditory nerve
  • heredity/genetics
  • vascular disease
  • renal disease
  • endocrinological disorders
What Is An Audiologist?

Audiologists are healthcare professionals trained to recognize specific conditions of the auditory system, assess those effects on your hearing, make appropriate referrals to other medical specialties, create habilitation/rehabilitation plans to improve your hearing ability and provide ongoing follow-up to maximize continued benefit.

While hearing devices can improve hearing ability, it takes comprehensive knowledge of the auditory system to fully optimize the hearing instrument for your specific hearing loss, listening needs and lifestyle.

When Should I Make An Appointment?

If you are missing the clarity of speech or losing the thread of the conversation, frustrated by background sounds such as another person talking, or straining to hear the TV or a phone call, you should make an appointment for an evaluation with us.

How-to Change a Wax Trap (Phonak)

Watch this short how-to video to learn how easy this is to accomplish.

When Should I Power Down My Hearing Aids?

Anytime you are not using your HAs, you should power them down. Open the battery door.

What Should I Bring To My Appointment?

• A list of your medications
• Your family medical history
• Your medical history

Your health insurance information will be requested when you schedule your appointment so that you receive all of your available benefits.

What Type Of Hearing Instrument Is Best For Me?

After we gather your listening and lifestyle needs, current hearing test results and any additional, important medical information, your audiologist will give you a recommendation for the best instrument options for you. You may want to have a family or friend at your appointment to help with this decision.

How Much Do Hearing Devices Cost?

There are many styles, levels of technology and features in today’s hearing instruments to allow you to live your best life. The cost of your hearing instruments will depend upon your level of hearing loss, communication needs and, of course, budget.  

Ask about our financing program that may help you to spread payments.

Can I Use My Cell Phone Hands-free?

Yes! Most options today offer Bluetooth connectivity to your cell phone and television for the best speech understanding and the most enjoyment when talking to friends and family.

Can I Connect My TV To My Hearing Instruments?

Yes, all hearing-instrument manufacturers offer TV transmitter boxes to stream the sound wirelessly to you hearing instruments. Some TV’s may also have Bluetooth connectivity built in allowing you to connect without a transmitter. Let your family set the volume that works for them and you can control your own separate volume!

Not Hearing As Well As When Your HA Was New?

Hearing capabilities change over time. After a year of wearing your hearing aids, you should schedule a check-up appointment with your audiologist to ensure your fit aligns with your current hearing level.

Can I Pair More Than One Set With MyPhonak?

If you have a new set that is the same brand and model, the app will pair with the newer pair of hearing aids automatically.

Gold-Standard Hearing Care from MacDonald Audiology

With two offices in Rochester to serve you, our highly-accredited doctors of audiology offer gold-standard options for your customized hearing plan using today’s advanced technology. Contact us today for the next available appointment.