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Your hearing sensitivity, lifestyle, listening needs, and expectations are unique. Some want a basic solution, some want cutting-edge technology, others want a bit of both. We are your expert guide through the myriad of options to ensure you achieve the best results for your lifestyle.

We are now able to offer our patients financing for your new hearing instruments. If it’s time or past time to replace your old hearing aid, you can take advantage of spreading out payments at a reasonable rate. Ask how you can start this process at your next appointment.

We are the ONLY practice in the Rochester region to offer real-world situation testing during fitting appointments. This allows our audiologists to fully maximize, test and quantify the level of hearing improvement to give the wearer a more complete idea of how their world will sound with a hearing aid. Learn more…

Hearing Evaluation

During a Hearing Evaluation appointment, your audiologist will examine your ears and your hearing sensitivity will be assessed. Your audiologist will determine if you have hearing loss and, if present, will analyze the type and severity of the loss. Expect some discussion regarding whether you may be a candidate for a hearing instrument that would benefit your current situation. Your audiologist may need to  investigate medical problems that may require referral to your physician or other medical specialist. Most insurances cover hearing evaluation, less your typical co-payment.

Hearing Instrument Consultation

Patients with hearing loss are usually referred to us by their doctor, family or friends to determine whether they can improve their hearing function and communication with others. Many patients with hearing loss come to us for second opinions after purchasing a hearing instrument from a dealer. Oftentimes, the current hearing instruments are found to be of poor fit, not programmed correctly for the current situation, or in need of repairs or cleaning. You and your audiologist will discuss your lifestyle and hearing needs to determine the best option for you. Hearing technologies, choice of styles, and costs will be reviewed to give you a recommendation for the best possible outcome. There is no charge for your Hearing Instrument Consultation. Once you have agreed to your rehabilitation plan, your audiologist will take an impression of your ear canal (if needed), and your instruments will be ordered.

Hearing Instrument Fitting

Your hearing solution must be selected, fitted, and programmed appropriately for your particular hearing loss and lifestyle to achieve the utmost benefit. Therefore, the expertise of your audiologist is critical for success. After 1-2 weeks, you will be evaluated and fit with your new hearing instruments. We will fully customize your instruments around your hearing loss and communication needs, such as pairing with your cellphone, tablet or accessory. Before you leave the appointment, you will also receive instructions regarding the use and care of your new hearing solution.

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Hearing Instrument Repair

Regardless of the style of hearing instruments you use, they will eventually need maintenance or repairs. All hearing instruments have microphones where external sound is picked up. If the ports become blocked, this will noticeably reduce their performance. Some instruments have a wax trap which you can replace yourself, while others require professional servicing. We have specialized equipment in-office to clean hearing instruments thoroughly.

Occasionally, small items require replacement such as wax guards, earmold tubes, slim tubes, receiver wires, tone hooks, battery doors, switches/buttons, or vent plugs. View our videos to learn how to do this yourself.

We can customize the fit of your hearing instruments to maximize their comfort, alter the venting, repair minor cracks, update the firmware, adjust the battery contacts and replace seals all from our in-office repair station. If an instrument requires a more involved repair by the manufacturer, we will take care of shipping and reprogramming it when it returns. In certain instances, we can provide you with a loaner hearing instrument. Costs for in-office and manufacturer’s repair will be discussed with you before any work is completed.

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus: \\\\tin-ǝt-ǝs\\\\. A ringing or other sensation of sound heard only by the individual with the condition.
  1. There is no cure for tinnitus.
  2. Most adults will hear tinnitus from time to time, usually when it is very quiet.
  3. While there are many possible causes of tinnitus, the most common cause is aging.
  4. Tinnitus following exposure to a loud sound indicates that the level of sound was potentially damaging to your hearing.
  5. There are no FDA approved remedies for tinnitus.
The medical community cannot cure tinnitus, but we can help you to manage it. Most people who hear annoying levels of tinnitus also have hearing loss. Therefore having your hearing evaluated is the first step to better management. If we find that your current hearing levels would benefit from using an instrument, it may help to redeuce awareness of your tinnitus. For individuals experiencing more intense levels of tinnitus, we can program your hearing instruments to decrease your awareness of the sensation. Your audiologist will investigate the cause of your tinnitus and possible ways to give you relief. Read more about how we approach tinnitus management >

Semi-Annual Visits

Your hearing health will change over time, even while wearing a hearing instrument. We will send reminder cards reminding you to return to see your audiologist. While you are here, your instruments will be checked, cleaned, and repaired if necessary, and we may provide a hearing evaluation to identify any new hearing/communication problems.

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