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Formerly Dalzells Audiology, we are now MacDonald Audiology. You’ve come to the right hearing aid practice in Rochester, NY!

Our Hearing Services – Quality Over Quantity

Our Promise to You – At MacDonald Audiology in Rochester, NY, our patients come back year after year because of our professional service, kind and knowledgable AuDs, and low-pressure to purchase medical equipment.

We take the time to fit you appropriately with Best Practice Guidelines.

Our service to you does not end with the fitting of your hearing instruments or hearing aids. We will continue to work together so that you are hearing to the best of your ability and that you are receiving the maximum potential benefit as your lifestyle changes.

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Hearing changes are gradual and one day you find that you wake up an outsider in your own life. Don’t accept this as normal. Do something about it and regain the connections you’ve been missing.

With two Audiology offices in Rochester, NY to serve you, our highly-accredited doctors of Audiology offer gold-standard options for your customized hearing plan using today’s advanced hearing technology.

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“(Dr. Matt) changed my life. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”
- Lori R.

“I wish I had looked into digital instruments sooner.”
- Darren P.

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We understand how sound works in the places you want to be and can help improve communication demands for your active life. Lectures, parties, meetings, bars and restaurants are again clear and enjoyable.

Meet Our Audiologists

Our team of highly experienced professionals bring a wealth of knowledge to your evaluation, fittings and repairs. We treat all of our patients with respect and courtesy. All staff audiologists are ABA Board Certified, hold an Au.D. and are required to be licensed in good standing to practice in New York.

Dr. Matthew S. MacDonald, AuD, FAAA

Dr. MacDonald joined Dalzells Audiology in 2013 and purchased the practice in 2021. His 15 year experience at The University of Rochester Medical Center included leadership roles as the Coordinator of the Audiology Hearing Aid Dispensing Program, the Coordinator of the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Program, and as a Senior Audiologist. Dr. MacDonald has been in private practice in the Rochester area for 12 years.

Dr. MacDonald’s vision is to bring gold-standard hearing care to all of his patients.

Dr Kyrsten Stephany professional headshot

Dr. Kyrsten Stephany, AuD, FAAA

A Kansas native and graduate of the Wichita State University Audiology program, Kyrsten Stephany, AuD, has provided hearing diagnostics, hearing aid fittings, and counseling in private practice since 2015. She brings her experience serving newborns, children, and adults to our staff and is our tinnitus care expert. Before moving to Rochester, Dr. Stephany practiced in Kansas and Colorado.

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Let's improve your hearing

We can improve nearly everyone's hearing abilities with todays’ hearing instruments. Quality and features vary significantly among available options. Trust our expertise to recommend & fit the best option for you.